What can I do when I’m struggling to believe that God is really working in me, in my family and in my home?

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This is a really important question. Remember, we receive God’s grace in every area by faith. Paul said over and over again in his writings that the just must live by faith. God working in us and growing us does not just automatically happen. Our active part is to trust God’s promise and use that same faith to get up and get moving in the right direction.

Jesus often chided his disciples for their lack of faith. I believe that was because he knew that it was going to be key in the operation of the New Covenant. However struggling with our faith is something that we all do. Fortunately the Bible gives us some simple keys to help us win the struggle and grow in our faith.

Here is what always helps me when I am struggling to trust that God is truly working inside me, my family and/or my kids and making a difference. Or for that matter, when I’m struggling to trust God for any of the wonderful things we have talked about in this foundation category.

A faith-building story

The Gospel of Mark (9:14 – 29) tells a wonderful story of a man who struggled to believe.

This man brought his demon-possessed son to Jesus and asked to have him set free. He said, “But if you can do anything, take pity on us and help us.” I love Jesus’ answer, “If you can?” “Everything is possible for him who believes.”

Notice the shift that Jesus made. The man wanted Jesus to help, if he could, based on pity. Notice that Jesus shifted the issue from his ability and his willingness over to the man’s ability to believe.

That is the issue. Of course God is able to do anything and everything and he certainly loves our children and wants to answer our prayers concerning them.

Verse 24 gets to the heart of my point however. The boy’s father said, “I do believe, help me overcome my unbelief.” Jesus then healed his boy.

Not only did Jesus know that faith would play such a large role in the New Covenant, He also knew that even faith would be produced in us by the grace of God and the power of his Spirit.

The man chose to believe and then asked for Jesus’ help to trust and not doubt. When we find ourselves doubting or unable to believe we need to follow this example. We first choose to trust God (even when we do not feel it) then we need to ask him to help us overcome our unbelief. God’s Spirit in us will help us overcome the struggle. It may not happen in the instant, but as we continue to choose and ask for help, we will continue to grow in our faith.

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