Can you recommend a Bible that my son might be interested in and actually use?

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My first two children were girls. I had a wonderful time and spent many hours reading Bible stories to my first daughter which, for the most part she attentively listen to.

The things I learned with my first helped me get a head start with my second daughter. It was a different experience because she’s a different girl but for the most part it was easy to stay on the track that I started on with my first. This Christian dad was in the groove.

Then my son was born and in his younger years much of what I had learned worked but when he got a little older it was like starting all over. Many times what had worked wonderfully with the girls did not even register with my boy. So I pressed into prayer asking God for help and wisdom and slowly but surely the seemingly obvious started to sink in. So here is some sound parenting advice, boys and girls are different and they learn differently.

In our Bible times together I started to be a bit more aggressive and animated in my story telling, like an wonderfully energetic Sunday School teacher. I hit the story highlights and I put more focus on people and events in the Bible and Bible stories that boys in general would enjoy. It worked, my son’s interest in the Bible and our Bible times took a leap forward.

It had been simple finding Bibles and Bible books that my daughters enjoyed but the stuff that was working with my boy was what I was having to make up as I went.

As a Christian author I asked the question, “Where are the Bibles and Bible books designed specifically to capture the imagination and attention of Christian boys?”

When I started talking to the publishers I got the answer to my question from the publishing experts. Books for boys and Bibles for boys do not sell because most boys do not read and therefore publishers do not publish them.

Fortunately after much discussion and planning, the people at Zondervan agreed that there was a need for Bibles and Bible books for Boys and that what we needed to do was design them differently so boys would want to read them. Which was exactly what I had done with my son.

The Luke 2:52 Boys series was born out of those discussions. The Boy’s Bible and the nonfiction book series have beaten all sales expectations and have hundreds of thousands of boys reading their Bibles and about their Bibles. The letters and reviews we get confirm over and over again that there was a huge need and that these Christian resources are getting boys excited about their Bibles.

If you are looking to get your son reading his Bible and growing in his faith you may still have to be more animated but at least there are resources available now to help.

I highly recommend these books and Bibles for boys.

(Note – we haven’t written a Bible Storybook for young boys yet, however below the age of eight the need is less pronounced. For recommendations see my blog on Bible Storybooks in this category.)

The Luke 2:52 Boy’s Bible (Ages 8 – 12)


The Luke 2:52 Boy’s Nonfiction Bible series (Ages 8 – 12)

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