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Christian Parenting Daily is a website dedicated to giving Christian parents the daily encouragement, support and help that they need. Their goal is to help you reach your goals; a peaceful happy home, strong family relationships and children who grow up loving and serving God.

They do that by providing fresh and engaging new content from trusted Christian authors, by scouring the web and finding awesome content and resources for you and your kids, by giving you Biblical and helpful commentary on our culture and current events (entertainment, news etc.) and by providing you with a supportive community atmosphere where you can be encouraged and help encourage others.

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  1. Ken Miller on Sun, 1st May 2011 1:25 pm 

    I am in the process of writing a study guide entitled, “Basic Parenting as Witnessed by a Fatherless Father”. I would like to use an article Mr. Osborne wrote “The Best Advice for Parenting Teenagers” in my work. I would love to send you a copy for your review to see how I intend to use his work. By the way, it is still a long way from being published in fact it hasn’t even been proof read yet. I just don’t want to infringe on his work but I am curious if he thinks his work is compatable with mine. Could you send me an e-mail address so I can forward my work to you?

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