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I’d taken my three kids to visit the West Edmonton mall and I had been checked in for less than an hour when the phone rang. This was strange because I wasn’t expecting a call but apparently it was my mother.

After saying hello and identifying herself as my Mom, she went on to talk (at some length) about the plans for the day. Since I know my Mother’s voice and that this lady was not her, when I could squeeze a word in, I tried to gently break the news. At first she thought that I was teasing her and kept rambling on. When I finally convinced her that she hadn’t given birth to me, I asked her how she got my room number.

Apparently her son, another Rick Osborne (same spelling) had also checked in that morning also with three kids into the same type of room that we had. The front desk had mixed us up. That’s when I knew. When the mother’s of all of the MANY Rick Osborne’s out there started mixing us up, I’d have to work at bringing clarity.

My quest for keeping the Rick Osborne confusion at bay became more intense as herds, flocks, gaggles (whatever you call packs of Rick Osbornes) started going online. So let me get started fighting for clarity.

My real name is actually Richard but I’ve gone by Rick all of my life and my last name is spelled Osborne, not Osborn, not Osbourn and not Osbourne (sorry, no relation to Ozzy.)

Yes, I’m THAT Rick Osborne.

  • I’m not the other Rick Osborne who apparently sounds just like me and frequents the West Edmonton mall.
  • I’m not the Rick Osborne found at rickosborne.com, trust me he’s a different guy.
  • I’m not the Rick Osborne at rickosborne.ca (coming soon apparently)
  • or rickosborne.org (amusing blog though)
  • or even the one at rickosborne.net (voice and piano teacher and fellow Christian)

I’m the Rick Osborne here at rick-osborne.com.

  • I’m not the car salesman;
  • the real estate company owner;
  • the Chiropractor;
  • the professor;
  • the coach;
  • the web programmer;
  • the project manager;
  • or the Rick Osborne who speaks to teens about drugs, violence and gangs. (You can find that Rick Osborne at truthforteens.com.)

I’m not those Rick Osborne’s.

I’m the Rick Osborne that has been a Christian Author and speaker for the last twenty-five years. I’ve authored, coauthored and/or produced over 200 books and resources designed to help Christian parents pass their Faith on to their kids. I’m not the Rick Osborne who authored:

  • Philosophy for Beginners
  • The Penguin Guide to Retirement Hotspots
  • The Anti-Estrogenic Diet
  • The Pond Pro’s Guide to Internet Marketing
  • Operation Pull Your Own Weight
  • or the Guide to new DoD subcontracting incentives

Those were all written by Rick Osbornes who spell their last name differently. Not by Rick Osborne.

Speaking of the Rick Osborne’s who spell their last name differently, you’ll find Rick Osborn at RickOsborn.com (Osborn without the ‘e’). He’s a Life and fitness coach, counselor and minister and although I don’t know him well, we follow each other on Twitter. (Oh, he is the Rick Osborne who wrote ‘The Anti-Estrogenic Diet.’)

Oh yeah, I am also not either of the two Richard Osbornes mentioned in the mixed up story ‘Will the Real Richard Osborne Please Stand Up (http://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/stories/2002/08/19/tidbits.html). Although I could probably find a Kingdom use for the two million dollars.

So to all the mother’s of Rick Osborne’s out there, I hope that clears things up.

As a side note, I will say that my brother Ryan Johnson, my friend and fellow author Tim Smith, and my friend and business associate David Johnson, can’t figure out what I’m whining about. They think my name is radically unique.

If you’re a Rick Osborne and I’ve missed you, please add any clarifying comment that you can think of.

Rick Osborne


2 Comments on "Where on the web is Rick Osborne"

  1. deb burton on Thu, 13th Nov 2008 7:23 pm 

    That’s too funny. My husband once got a failure to pay child support summons from the next county over. Whoo-ee, you better believe he got that straightened in a hurry! LOL

  2. Eric Carroll on Fri, 14th Nov 2008 7:03 am 

    That’s a funny story. I have a similar one, but not near as interesting and coincidental as yours.

    For me, the strangest incident was with another Eric Carroll (college age I assume) that works at a restaurant or some such in Tennessee. For weeks, I kept getting all of these emails from a barrage of students trying to find people to cover their shifts. I emailed a few of them to let them know I wasn’t the guy they were looking for (they were sent out to a mass of people at once) but I kept getting the emails.

    Finally, when I told one guy that they couldn’t afford me since I would have to commute from Texas (assuming my wife and three kids were okay with it), he found it funny, but made sure they took me off of their list.

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