The ‘Original’ Singing Bible

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The demand for this product has been huge and therefore I’m pleased to announce that this best-selling children’s classic, The  Original Singing Bible, has been digitally remastered and is now available on CD and for digital downloads!

Over 50 songs and narration make for an exciting 160-minute ride through the Bible.

The Singing Bible has been called a, “Christian classic,” “A must have for every Christian family” and “The best Bible song series for kids ever made.

This indispensable resource was designed to help kids learn God’s Big Story from creation to Jesus second coming, to learn about their Bibles, the books of the Bible, the Good News, the key memory verses of the Bible and on and on the list goes. Children learn while they sing along and enjoy.

Here is a reoccurring comment we hear from parents, “Our Kids love it and want it played over and over again, which for once, is okay. Unlike some kids cds, it doesn’t drive you crazy because the songs and music are so well done. We like it too.”

Ideal for every member of any family with kids 2 – 10 years old.

This product in only available at Click here to purchase this product.


10 Comments on "The ‘Original’ Singing Bible"

  1. Carol on Sun, 1st Mar 2009 1:23 pm 

    We’re thrilled to see you intend to put the original version on CD. We would love to use it right now while our minister is preaching through the books of the OT. If you even have the first one or two CD’s ready, we would be so grateful to have them for families in our church. God speed you!

  2. Rick Osborne on Wed, 25th Mar 2009 9:48 am 

    We’re working hard at getting it ready. Shouldn’t be too much longer. : )

  3. Nicole on Sun, 10th May 2009 7:12 am 

    I would LOVE to see this as a audio mp3 download in either version :) Is there anyway to be notified when it is available?

  4. Stu Stephenson on Sun, 13th Dec 2009 11:09 pm 

    Any word on the “original” Singing Bible coming out on CD or Mp3?


  5. admin on Mon, 14th Dec 2009 10:55 pm 

    Yes, thanks for asking. We’ve gotten soooo many requests and we’re currently working on it. Stay tuned to this site, it’ll be available first thing in the new year. : )

  6. Meghan Jackson on Mon, 26th Sep 2011 4:44 pm 

    I want to buy this, the discs and downloadable version but every time I try to buy it sends me to an error page.

  7. kelly wilson on Mon, 24th Oct 2011 1:13 am 

    i Had these when i was a kid on tape?. Then a new version came out about 5- 10 years ago. Different people a little change up in the songs.. didn’t like it. wanted what i had as a kid back. so is this the one i had as a kid>
    1989?-1996? some time in that area it came out>?

  8. Rick Osborne on Mon, 24th Oct 2011 9:13 am 

    There are only 2 versions available.

    1. The ‘Original’ version which has the kids performing a play within a play (which we sell).
    2. Focus on the Family’s version where a grandfatherly man is speaking between the songs.

    You can purchase the ‘Original’ version at:

  9. Rick Osborne on Mon, 24th Oct 2011 9:15 am 

    Our new shopping cart is located at:

  10. Kimberly Aufderheide on Tue, 15th May 2012 7:08 pm 

    I got The Singing Bible on three cassettes 5 years ago at a used curriculum sale. My kids listened almost every day for 3 years, until one if the taped snapped. Another is so stretched it will break soon. We no longer have a tapeplayer in our van, and we’ve been searching for years for TSB–just now I thought to check online. I will ask grandparents to buy for Christmas!

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