5 Love Languages for Kids

March 12, 2012 by  
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Sometimes, something as small as a very short email can start something very big. I received such an email from a friend at Northfield Publishers.

Most of you are probably familiar with the New York Times Best Seller, The 5 Love Languages. It has sold over 7 million copies and is still going strong. It’s been on the NY Times best sellers list for 240 weeks and as of right now is #1 on the appropriate list.

A profile of its author, Dr. Gary Chapman, aired on NBC’s Today show on February 25th. Shortly after the piece–guided by Janet Shamilian–wrapped up, the book skyrocketed to the top of book charts again as viewers scrambled to get their own copies.

It’s a simple but profound book that has changed people’s lives. Elisabeth Hasselbeck of the television show the View held the book up on the show last year and said that it had forever changed her marriage.

Briefly, the idea behind the book is that we all give and receive love differently or we all speak different Love Languages. When we know someone’s Love Language we can more easily and effectively show them our love. The languages are; Words of Affirmation, Gifts, Acts of Service, Physical Touch and Quality Time.

One of the examples that Dr. Chapman uses in his book is of a couple that came to him for counseling when they both felt completely unloved by each other. The husband felt he was doing as he should; he helped with the chores, remodeled the house constantly to match his wife’s vision, kept up the yard and garden and did anything else he could think of to make his wife happy, yet she wasn’t.

Her complaint was that he didn’t spend time with her. Dr. Chapman showed them that the husband’s love language was Acts of Service and the wife’s was Quality Time. The husband was screaming “I love you” in a love language his wife didn’t understand. With the doctor’s help the husband learned to stop doing so much and put aside Quality Time to spend with his wife. She in turn learned to do more things for him and to appreciate the things he was doing for her. Their marriage was not only saved, but a few months later they reported that they were both feeling loved and their marriage was better than it had ever been.

As Gary Chapman traveled the country teaching tens of thousands of couples just like that one about the 5 Love Languages, one question was consistently asked him by parents who’s marriages had been strengthened; “How can we teach our kids about the 5 Love Languages?”

Gary knew that the emotionally healthiest and happiest adults are those who are not only loved as kids, but also taught how to give and receive love. I didn’t know it, but Dr. Chapman was walking around with a passion to develop a book that he could hand to parents that would help them sit down and teach their children how to give and receive love. The problem was–and in his words–“I didn’t know how to do it and I knew I needed someone to work with, who did.”

Dr. Chapman talked about this vision of his with his publisher who is also a friend of mine. The short email I talked about earlier was sent to me from that mutual friend soon afterwards.

The result is a wonderful children’s picture book written by Dr. Gary Chapman and myself called ‘A Perfect Pet for Peyton’.

All those parents who talked to Gary can celebrate; the 5 Love Languages for Kids is here. A book specifically designed to help parents raise kids who know how to give and receive love. Kids will love the engaging story and the amazing illustrations done by Wilson Williams Jr. Parents will love the content and the introduction their kids will get to the 5 Love Languages. There’s even a 5 Love Languages quiz for kids in the back of the book that will help the whole family identify their own love language.

I greatly enjoyed working on this book with Dr. Chapman and we both know that a little email has turned into a big thing for kids and families everywhere. Thank you to everyone involved!

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