Financial Parenting

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Financial Parenting“Money is a tangible object, and the things we do with it can be used in every case to clearly demonstrate greater spiritual principles.”

“This is why financial parenting is so very important! If we can teach our children to follow God’s principles in finances, it will literally cause their hearts to be focused on God.”

It’s a fact. What our children learn about handling money today will have a deep and lasting effect upon their own families and ultimately, their service to God.

Larry Burkett and Rick Osborne give a historic overview to show how each change in our economy has affected the next generation. They direct parents back to the Bible to examine what God has to say about our finances and the parents’ responsibilities to pass these principles on to their children.

With this background, the authors discuss how biblical principles can be taught to children. Larry and Rick explain the seven basic principles of approach that will help parents more effectively teach their children. They also give practical help, tips, and activities to teach kids basic money skills and management, using the Bible as the primary teaching tool.

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The 7 Mistakes Parents of Toddlers Make

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I am pleased to announce the release of my latest book “The Seven Mistakes Parents of Toddlers make.

‘The Seven Mistakes Parents of Toddlers Make’ is a much-needed book for the parents of young children. The parents who’ve learned and used the Biblical parenting methods in this book have seen their children and homes transformed.

Most problems in the home and with our children are easily solved with the consistent application of some very simple parenting secrets. Many households have lost their peace, because most parents just don’t know what to do to turn things around.

Do your kids fight with each other, disobey you, throw tantrums and/or just not listen? Are you experiencing the ‘Terrible Twos?’ Do you find yourself fighting with your spouse because of the kids, yelling and/or just feeling frustrated? Would you like to have a peaceful home with cooperative, obedient children? If you answered ‘YES’ to any or all of these questions, this book will show you some simple, Biblical, step-by-step parenting ideas that can transform your family.

Every parent, grandparent and anyone planning on being a parent should read this book.

Here’s an early reader review:

“Rick Osborne gets to the point, explains the mistakes we all tend to make and offers practical solutions that are so simple to implement that it made me wonder why I didn’t think of them myself. I used his suggestions and was astounded how quickly the atmosphere in our house changed.

My kids don’t fight anymore and they listen and cooperate. It’s amazing.

This book doesn’t preach, it helps. It’s a simple map to great parenting.

I highly recommend 7 Mistakes. It’s a must on every parent’s bookshelf. This book will change your home.” Romana O

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801 Questions Kids Ask about God

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The best time to teach anyone anything is when he or she asks a question. Why? Because that is the time when the questioner has a desire to learn. Unfortunately, when our children ask us questions about God, Heaven, the Bible etc. we are often not prepared with the answers and the moment passes. Or worse yet we do our best to answer without really knowing for sure what the Bible says.

This book is a compilation of the original 8 books in the ‘101 Questions Kids Ask’ series. It was put together to provide parents with a handy reference for help answering their children’s questions when they arise.

The big difference between this compilation and the original books is that only a small amount of the over 800 illustrations have been included and the ones that are included are very small. This is ideal if you want the handy reference but if you are looking for a family devotional for your young children (ages 4 – 8 ) or a personal devotional for your older children (ages 7 – 12) it is best to use the original individual titles. The illustrations draw the children in and keep them wanting more.

Ideal as a ready reference for families with children of all ages.  Buy Now

The Spiritual Growth of Children

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Helping your child develop a personal Faith

Gary Smalley (Author, speaker and founder of Smalley Relationship Center) says, “This book gives parents easy-to-use plans and ideas to help them pass on their Faith; this couldn’t come at a better time for our children and culture.”

Put together by Dr. John Trent, Rick Osborne and Kurt Bruner, this best-selling Guide from Focus On The Family is packed with information that will help you navigate your children spiritually from preplanning for parenthood right through to the early teens.

Highly recommended for parents who like to understand the process and develop an individual step-by-step plan that will work best for their family.  Buy Now

What Mary & Joseph knew about Parenting

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God doesn’t waste his words. Everything in the Bible is there for a reason and every phrase is potentially life changing. Every time the Bible tells us about parents and children right there in the story is a Holy Spirit inspired lesson to be learned. I was amazed at how every important lesson that a Christian parent needs to know in order to do their job well is contained in God’s Word. Have you ever wondered which parenting approach is correct; which of the latest parenting gurus should be listened to? You can stop wondering and just find out what God’s Word prescribes. Buy Now

Mary & Joseph (audio)

(Audio CD)

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Parenting at the Speed of Life

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Most of us struggle to find blocks of time to spend with our children. Time that we feel will help us strengthen our bond and relationship with them. However the truth is that it’s what we do with the many everyday moments we have with our children that more powerfully effect our relationships. I wrote this book to give parents easy to read, simple to implement ways of using those small reoccurring moments to build their relationships and make their homes a more peaceful place to be. Readers have expressed their amazement about how doing such simple things consistently can make such big changes in their families!

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Teaching your Child How to Pray

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What other Christian Leaders have said about this Christian classic says it all.

Teaching Your Child How to Pray is must reading for all parents who are concerned and burdened about the spiritual development of their children (Dr. Tony Evans)

Rick writes and teaches what he lives. I heartily recommend Rick’s resources to every parent. Rick is one of God’s gifts to parents. (Josh D. McDowell)

In a step by step approach, Rick Osborne lays out a plan for working with children that meets their needs from the beginning of their lives, but the plan is just as effective for someone starting the learning process with older children. (Dr. D. James Kennedy)

I’m happy to recommend this book by Rick Osborne, who is able to communicate this message to parents and guide them in teaching their children to pray. (Larry Burkett)

This is not just another boring ‘how to’ book. In Teaching Your Child How to Pray, Rick Osborne makes this important venture challenging and exciting for both parents and their children. (Tim Wildmon)

Rick Osborne has done a masterful job of bringing together important principles and outstanding guidelines in Teaching Your Child How to Pray. Combined with the reader’s prayers, I believe the Lord will greatly use this book to revolutionize and strengthen the spiritual lives of their children, providing them a solid foundation from which, the Lord promises in His Word, they “will not depart”. (Vonette Bright)

This book is not just recommended. According to many it is essential reading for every Christian parent.

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Teaching Kids about God

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This book is a reprint of one of the most important sections of the ‘Parent’s Guide To The Spiritual Development of Children. ‘Teaching your kids about God’ is recommended for parents who want to understand the different stages that their children grow through and how they learn and what they should be learning about their Faith in each stage (birth to early teen). It wonderfully shows you what to focus on at each different age and then shows you how to practically help your child learn those essentials.

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Talking to your Children about God

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A parent’s practical guide to God, Bible stories, children and church, bedtime prayers, virtues, and other spiritual stuff.

This book answers over thirty how-to questions commonly asked by parents about everything Christian.

Questions like, “How can I show my children that the Bible is trustworthy?” and, “What can I tell my kids about Heaven?”

The text does not just stop with the answers but moves beyond and supplies easy tools for getting the job done.

This book is recommended for parents who want practical hands on help with the basics.

A great gift idea for new parents, for relatively new Christians with kids, or for those who are contemplating reconnecting with their Christian heritage now that they have kids.

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