Rick’s Bio

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Who is this Rick Osborne guy? Rick Osborne is a best-selling author and speaker committed to encouraging, helping and equipping Christian parents to raise their kids God’s way. For the last 20 years he’s been teaching Christian parents how to get the job done through his books and seminars. The parenting books that he has written or co-written include Focus On The Family’s Parent’s Guide To The Spiritual Development of Children (which he co-wrote with Dr. John Trent and Kurt Bruner) as well as the following parenting books that have been well received!






Rick’s approach has always been to not only teach parents but also to equip them. So he has produced, written and/or co-written many award winning and best selling tools that help parents teach God’s Word to their kids. These tools were designed specifically to help parents in a different aspect of their task.

Here are just a few:


Rick has written and/or co-written over 46 books and been part of the development of over 100 other church and parenting tools, books and programs, all dedicated to raising children God’s way.

Rick has worked with Focus on The Family, Dr. John Trent, Larry Burkett, Josh McDowell, Campus Crusade For Christ, The Livingstone Group and many others.

He, his programs and/or resources have been featured on every major Christian radio and television show and magazine that deals with parenting.

His Story of Jesus presentation book, The Most Important Story Ever Told, has had over 50 million copies distributed worldwide in 110 different languages.

Rick is currently working on Partnering With Parents, a Children’s Church and Parenting program that puts home and church together in a Biblical partnership. He’s also now online where he can encourage, help and equip more Christian parents everyday.