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This immensely popular Bible was designed uniquely for boys ages 8 – 12.

First the features of this Bible will draw your boy in like a magnet. For example the ‘Gross’ feature highlights Bible facts that keep boys coming back for more.

More importantly though all of the features were written to help your guys grow from boys to men, physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. They will see what a man of God is and learn how to get there.

This is also an ideal Bible to use when transitioning your boys from a Bible Storybook to a whole text Bible. When used with the devotional books for boys in this same series (Bible Heroes and Bad Guys and others) you have a powerful combination to help them stay interested and make the transition.

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More about Rick on the Personal Side

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As you know when God calls us to do a work, he trains us for that work and often takes us through things that prepare us for the task. Real life is a really great teacher. I do not believe that God authors all of our difficulties. For example James tells us that God does not tempt us with evil. (James 1:13)

However God will teach us and strengthen us while he guides us through whatever comes our way and he will work everything out when we are walking with him. (Romans 8:28)

Having said that, I believe that God has wonderfully (and by his grace) taken me through some big and small storms and through it all he has prepared me to help and encourage and equip other parents and families. Here is the brief story.

  • I was raised in a religious home without knowing Jesus as my savior.
  • My parents separated when I was six. My Mom (a single mother on social assistance) raised my three siblings and me.
  • I stopped listening to anyone at the age of thirteen and became a rebellious worldly teenager.
  • My mother married my stepfather when I was thirteen.
  • My father had remarried earlier and I have two half brothers and a half sister.
  • My mother committed her life to Christ when I was about 17 and started praying for her family.
  • I gave my life to Christ and my life was changed forever just before my 19th birthday.
  • Shortly after this I married my high school girlfriend when I was 20.
  • We had three children.
  • When the kids were still quite young, my wife left. (This was the most difficult time of my life.)
  • Although the children’s mother saw them, they lived with me full time and I experience what it’s like to be a single parent.
  • Even though I was free to remarry, I told God that I was willing to stay single and devote more time to my children and helping other parents.
  • God had another plan.
  • A friend of mine who also was friends with the owner of eHarmony was insistent that I should give eHarmony a try. Even though I ignored him, he kept it up.
  • When others started telling me the same thing I started to wonder. Then when the owner of eHarmony emailed me personally (in response to a request from our mutual friend) and invited me to join, I felt that God was in it.
  • Through a wonderful series of Godincidences I met Luba and five months after our first date we were married.

Although in the beginning I promised myself that my family would never break apart, I now have a second wife and my children have a stepmother.

These are the personal family details in a nutshell. I have shared this with you to show that I am just a normal guy walking through a bumpy life trusting God. All the while doing my best to parent God’s way, allowing him to strengthen, teach and guide me through all life’s ups and downs.

And through it all, I believe one of the reasons he has taught me (and that I have gone through some of what I have gone through) is so that I could with grace, turn and help, strengthen, encourage and equip others who are facing the same and similar bumps.

My oldest daughter is now married to my awesome son-in-law and my first grandchild is providing me with more life experience to pass on. My second daughter is attending college and my teenage son (my inspiration for my books for boys) is still at home.

Can you recommend a Bible that my son might be interested in and actually use?

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My first two children were girls. I had a wonderful time and spent many hours reading Bible stories to my first daughter which, for the most part she attentively listen to.

The things I learned with my first helped me get a head start with my second daughter. It was a different experience because she’s a different girl but for the most part it was easy to stay on the track that I started on with my first. This Christian dad was in the groove.

Then my son was born and in his younger years much of what I had learned worked but when he got a little older it was like starting all over. Many times what had worked wonderfully with the girls did not even register with my boy. So I pressed into prayer asking God for help and wisdom and slowly but surely the seemingly obvious started to sink in. So here is some sound parenting advice, boys and girls are different and they learn differently.

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