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Love’s Transformation Audio Book

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Jesus called us to love God and to love others perfectly and with our everything. It seems an impossible task; we try our best, but we often fall short. Perhaps it’s because we ourselves don’t feel loved; or we just don’t know how to love; or maybe it’s because we feel that pain has shut us down.

As read by Danica Osborne

What if you could experience, and be so filled with God’s unconditional love, that it constantly overflowed onto everyone in your life? What if you could be—as the Apostle of love described it, “perfected in love,”—and you, your life, your marriage, and your family, could be transformed by His love? What if Jesus wasn’t calling you to an impossible task, but to a gift of His grace; the gift of God’s life-altering fountain of love? What if you could experience and live in that love?

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